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Pain Institute of North Florida

Dr. George Arcos ran the Pain Institute of North Florida as one of the premier pain centers in Tallahassee for over 10 years. He has now relocated to Augusta, GA and is at Nexus pain center in Augusta.

Dr. Arcos left most of his charts to be managed by Dr. Robert Burns at Meridian Clinic. These charts can be faxed and/or copied for transfer at the patient's request.

Dr. Arcos also transferred his phone number to Meridian Clinic. Therefore, if you wish to become a patient at Meridian Clinic you can schedule an appointment by calling the same phone number as Pain Institute of North Florida: (850) 878-PAIN

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If you are still in need of pain management you may be able to transfer your care here.
Meridian Clinic has most of the charts from Dr. Arcos' practice.

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